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The Facebook Application for Windows Phone does a great job of making your relevant information immediately accessible, no more endless searching.

Will Danford


Clarity Consulting

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Facebook | Facebook for WP7


Build the official Facebook application for the Windows Phone in less than three months, on a beta development platform.



Microsoft turned to Clarity, whose experience with Silverlight and the Facebook Developer Toolkit made it the right partner for the job. Working closely with members of Facebook’s mobile team as well as platform evangelists, designers and Silverlight team members from Microsoft, Clarity created an application that exemplifies the Metro design guidelines and provides access to Facebook’s full range of features, all while maintaining the Facebook and Windows Phone 7 brands. The application was shown onstage by Scott Guthrie during the PDC 2010 keynote and received terrific reviews from the critics. It is the second most downloaded application in Zune Marketplace.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES | Windows Phone, Silverlight