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I never knew how attractive and powerful time and expense management could be

Erik Klimczak

Creative Director

Clarity Consulting

Internal | Time & Expense Reporting


A design + development overhaul to our existing time and expense management program. The application was cumbersome with long loading times and buried content. Many users avoiding using the application because of often inaccurate reporting from easily made user errors. Information needed to be synchronized and validated causing long waiting periods resulting in inefficient time entry and expense reporting.


The new time and expense Silverlight application is a visually compelling solution. Flexibility allows the user to monitor projects, approve hours and submit information to payroll from anywhere with an Internet connection with no need for validation, completely eliminating the possibility of inaccurate information. The graphical user interface and workflow allows for real time reporting that makes tracking a project much easier. The improved user experience is defined by reduced wait times and increased efficiency by greatly decreasing the number of user actions to complete simple tasks.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES | Silverlight 4, C#, .NET 4